Local Christmas Combos!

We are ecstatic to announce the return, of the greatest combo since Peanut Butter and Jelly. Since Spaghetti and Meatballs. Since Montee Ball and Melvin Gordon. Since John Candy and Steve Martin. Since Woody and Buzz. Since Han and Chewy. Since Bert and Ernie. Since last year’s Christmas Combo! We are back, and we are stocked and open and ready to help you fill your stockings, mugs, and chocolate needs.

Online, our combo is Coffee and Turtles! A simple set of treats that everyone loves (Or knows someone who will love them). You can always order extra coffee, extra chocolate, or mugs and t-shirts!

In store, fill your bag a-la-carte style! Mugs, t-shirts, coasters, Gift certificates, Drink Chips, and of course, bags of coffee! All the swag that the JJC fan in your life, truly wants.

Of course, the Pinnacle of JJC Gift Giving is the coffee subscription. Talk to us anytime if you are interested in this option. The simple pitch is this: 10$ per pound, for however long and however often you would like. For a full year, with a delivery each week, it costs 520$. Once a month, is 120$. Shipping adds a bit of cost, but text, email, or call to talk it through, or just stop in.

Our hours can be a challenge, but once you know them, I think you’ll understand. When we re-opened, we did so knowing that our business has changed. Our deliveries will never stop, and we love that we can offer that. So we are closed Tuesdays and Wednesday Afternoons to facilitate that. That leaves our hours open as:

Monday 8-3

Wednesday 8-12

Thursday 8-3

Friday 8-3

Saturday 8-12

We have had a wonderful year providing you all with coffee. We are constantly working to make JJC the safest and most spectacular coffee roaster that you would want in your Hometown. As always, we love to chat and are very interested in your ideas or suggestions!

Welcome to Holiday 2021, we hope to see you!

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