John Joseph and Paul, Are Here, Together, To Help.

We’ve been good buddies with the amazing team at Paul’s Chocolates for a LONG time. We’ve been a pickup location since we opened (umm…2 and half years ago…) and have had him join us for both of our Sauk Hop Wine Walk stops.

And we’ve had to answer countless questions about why we weren’t working on anything together.

Well, that Changes now. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that we are a superhero team, coming to save your Christmas. But I just did.

Available on and we have the JJCPC Christmas Combo, either in One Pound or 1/2 Pound varieties. These gift combos come with Paul’s wonderful turtle pack…

Which, We’ve chosen to pair with Dam Good Morning, because if there was ever a Christmas where cursing will probably be necessary, it’s this one.

We will wrap up the whole combo in burlap and ribbon, and drop it off with our usual deliveries. Here at John Joseph Coffee, if you use the code “local” you get free local delivery or Saturday morning curbside pick up! These products will start going out on Saturday the 5th, and continue on Wednesdays and Saturdays, until New Years (If you order from us. Paul will have a separate delivery schedule).

The half pound will be $16, and the full pound $21.

Whether this is a gift for others, or yourself, we all need to take extra care this Holiday Season. Be present for your loved ones, and we will be here, if you want give one too.

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