About JJC

For the Love of Coffee

Who is John Joseph?  Well, both us, father and son, III and IV, partners in this adventure of coffee! We started off as coffee drinkers, with all of THIS, as nothing but a twinkle in our eye.  Then we met a coffee roaster!  It was just drinks, around a campfire, for not even that long, but it changed our possibilities, and at the very least, gave us a great idea for a really cool new hobby.  Soon after, we built our first roaster, bought our first burlap sack of coffee, and burned our first beans.  It didn’t go well, didn’t taste good, and confused our neighbors, but we had a start, a first step, and we liked it.  The coffee got better, we learned what was happening and when it should be happening.  Friends and family received a lot of coffee.  Some reactions were great!  Others were very kind.  All reactions were helpful.  We came up with a name, a logo (which we drew on all of our bags, some better than others), and started selling at farmers markets, here and there.

And it was great!  Had a lot of fun, met a lot of people, and spread the gospel of fresh, local, organically grown coffee.  And Fair Trade!

When the opportunity arose to expand, in 2017, we jumped at it, and opened up our Roast Shop, at 112 Van Buren.  A little bit workshop, a little bit roastery, a bit coffee shop, and a lot of space to do all of the coffee related projects that we have always dreamed of.

We operate our Roastshop with the values that we hope to pass on to John Joseph V.

With each pound of coffee, we are proud to share our belief that a cup of coffee is kindness, generosity and energy in liquid form.  Coffee brings us together.  Drink it.  Enjoy it.  And for the love of coffee, be kind to one another.