John Joseph Coffee Restart!

It’s been a challenging year, filled with uncertainty, disconnection, and sadness. Below that surface, I know that we, personally, have a lot to be thankful for. Being at home with the kids every day, has given us a lot of appreciation of Sauk Prairie’s Teachers and Staff, but also the opportunity to be together. Never, in anyones wildest imagination, could a year like this be foreseen, but a year with my kids, as they start to enter upper elementary, is a gift that we will always cherish.

And a big part of that gift is from you, our customers, friends, and family. We were able to stay safe, doing what we could for our community and family, while continuing to roast and grow.  

We aren’t sure if we can ever re-pay you for everything, but we’ll try. Every day. Sauk Prairie.

Moving forward, we have to adjust our hours a bit, mostly because of the popularity of our Regular Joe program, and our local deliveries. Things could change quickly, so we will keep you updated with things. The plan will be to open the Roast Shop Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Hours will be 8-3 during the week and 8-12 on Saturday. Wednesday will be our continuing Delivery days.

We really appreciate your patience this first few weeks as we relaunch, but feel free to reach out with questions or special requests.

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