Frequently Asked Questions?

We aren’t your typical coffee shop! We try to spend time with every new customer, but maybe there are a few things you are afraid to ask. No problem, we ask ourselves questions constantly, here are a few! Feel free to add more in the comments, and we will do our best to answer them (Do our best=If we want to).

Where are you?

Existentially, all over the place! Physically, at the corner of Van Buren and Water. Behind Legacy Builders, across the street from BMO and the nice little office building that holds Geier Homar & Roy LLP, Adnet , and Dahl Financial (Fantastic neighbors, that I’m sure we annoy sometimes with our roasting, but have yet to tell us). We have worked hard at making this weird downtown steel building into something charming, and we think that our projects this summer have us closer.

What are you?

I can spot a new customer, the second they walk in. We don’t look like a coffee shop. No espresso, no baked goods, pinball, more Springsteen than Dylan. What is this place? We call it the Roast Shop. Shop as in sales, but also, work shop. We get to work on all of our projects here, from coffee, to woodwork, to, again, pinball. We always have coffee made, hot and cold. Our hot brew changes daily and is a great chance to try something new or see an old favorite. Our Nitro Cold Brew is here to stay…summer or winter, it doesn’t matter. That recipe changes too, and we are always happy to help you copy it at home. We tend to be what we want to be, but always Kind.

What are your hours?

We open by 8:15 Monday thru Saturday! I really enjoy dropping my kids off at school, and I think I am going to keep doing that until they won’t let me anymore. And then I’ll still do it, but more spitefully! Most days, we close at 3, but Tuesdays, we stay open late, 5:30, to catch a few more people. Saturdays, we close up at noon, because that is what we always did at the Farmers Market, and it’s nice. So at least 8ish-3ish, M-F. Late on Tuesday. Saturday Mornings.

Are you John or Joseph?

Both. Both of us. And my son. 3, 4, 5.

How are you guys doing?

Whoa, Joey Tribbiani, getting a little personal there! We are doing great! We love that we can do what we love and people show up to try it! We have a great collection of Regular Joe subscribers (Coffee subscriptions rule, just ask a regular joe, I’ll give you names!) , some great businesses that we work with (This is a great service, treat your employees and customers to something local and delicious!), and a loyal base of weekly customers. We love what we do, we want you to as well. If a bag, isn’t up to our standard, or yours, stop in and tell us. We want to know.

Do you guys have food?

No, we don’t feel our space suits food. But, feel free to bring your own. You don’t even have to share with the roaster/ question answerer.

Do you have specialty drinks / Lattes / Espresso ?

Nope. We do a mean pour over, and we think our Cold Brew kicks, but yeah, we don’t have an Espresso machine. We don’t mind if you ask for a latte, but if you ask for a Frappe, we will laugh at you… Our goal is to help you make great coffee at home. Everything we do in store, you can do at home with fairly simple equipment.

Are you guys expensive?

Our standard bag is $12 per pound in store. Most coffee companies have switched to 12oz or even 10oz bags. Typically, higher end grocery coffees in those sizes go from $7- $12. Our coffee is also Fair Trade, and Organically grown, so we think (if that matters) you are getting good value for supporting local business.

Do you take Credit Cards?

I guess, but you shouldn’t just be giving them away to people…Ohhhh, yeah, we have a square reader.

28 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions?

    1. We sure do, John, in fact, if you use the coupon code “local” you get the in store price and free delivery! Crazy!

  1. How many tablespoons of coffee beans per cup of water do you recommend for coffee in a drip pot? 🙂 I’m always getting the ratios mixed up!

    1. Generally, between 1 and 2. But really it’s to taste. Keep a piece of paper by the coffee maker and record your attempts, and learn what you like best.

    1. We would love to! Currently, we are unable to source great biodegradable pods to put our coffee in. When those are available to small roasters, we will give it a try!

    1. Hey James, we just updated the page to have ground coffees for each of our roasts and blends. Hope that helps!

  2. Big fan of the Bourbon Barrel release in conjunction with Wollersheim last November. Any future Barrel releases planned?

    1. Hey Mike!

      Yes, the current barrel aged coffee is hanging out in a Round Top Rye barrel! We have this available in our online store now! The next barrel will be Bottled in Bond Bourbon 2.0, in June!

    1. Hey Carly!
      Currently we are doing deliveries on Wed and Sat, and mailings as soon as we can! I think we had your delivery out yesterday!

    1. Absolutely Jill! Maybe a little delayed, our new day jobs are Home Schooler, but we get them out fairly quickly!

    1. Hey Trent!

      Yep! Saturday Mornings, from 10-11, we have curbside pickup for online orders. After 11 we deliver whatever hasn’t been picked up.

  3. I purchased your coffee at the Vintage Coop in Baraboo. Do you have your product in Reedsburg?


    1. Hey Chris! Not yet! The Vintage Co-op is your closest bet, but if you are ever in a jam, you can order online and we’ll ship it to you. Glad you found us!

    1. Hey Kim! We do a single, wonderful Decaf, from Peru. Water Process Decaffeinated, Organically Grown, Fair Trade, and freshly roasted. Its available in the online store, and in store.

  4. Never had Barrel age coffee before. Last week my wife brought some of your coffee. But because I have celiac disease (allergic to wheat, Barley, and Rye). I must be sure that your coffee is safe for me to drink. I sure hope so because it smells delicious!

    Steve R. Bergeron

    1. Hey Steve, I sent you an email, but just for everybody else, we do not think so. Our distiller boils his grains to their very essentials, and then we roast the actual alcohol away. We have never had it tested for gluten, but it doesn’t seem likely that it would survive the two processes.

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