Hey! Are you Open?

Yes! Thursday, June 10 is the start of our fresh summer schedule. We are going from, basically, 0 to 4 Days of Roast Shop open-ness! It’s pretty exciting! And scary, anxiety-inducing, and involving so many non-coffee related issues that I can barely stand it!

So what’s with the new schedule? We are EASING back into society, with a 4 day schedule, while also leaving time for our exploding delivery schedule. We will have 8-3 hours on Monday, Thursday, and Friday. Saturday from 8-12. Tuesday and Wednesday are days where we can manage our online orders and subscribers without digging into our family time, like they have for the last year. We really have no idea how delivery orders will change as we start to be more available in-store, but we will be flexible, and I fully expect our hours to change again in the fall. Sweet, sweet, fall. When the kids go back to school…

Are Masks Required in the Roast Shop? OOF. So I have to answer this question? If I have to… Big John Sr. will be posted at the door, carding (Vax Card) every person that tries to come in, similar to wine walks and his 20s in the Southside of Chicago… Just kidding. Masks are highly recommended if you aren’t vaccinated. Employees will be masked when customers are in the building. A HEPA Air Filter will be running in the Roast Shop at all times. Outside tables are available. I think we all get it at this point. It’s Chaos, be kind.

Are you going to be at the Meyer Oak Grove Market? As much as we can! Our bags are VERY affected by weather, and so is our employees, but we will be there when we can!

Is the Coffee Roaster affected by this heat? Yes, and the machine is too!

Thanks again for celebrating summer with us last weekend! Have a great heat wave!

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