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Since we have opened, about once a day we get a very apologetic story from someone about their coffee habit.  People will apologize for their Keurig.  Sorry, for the amount of cream they use, and most definitely the sugar.  Some folks love their flavored coffees, and sometimes, we have to apologize to someone who wanders in and asks for a specialty espresso drink.  Someday, I always say, while hoping it isn’t too soon (I really like my quiet and simple shop).  Nearly constantly we are running into people who tell us that they don’t drink coffee, or sometimes, that they absolutely hate coffee, but that they love the aroma.  Far too much apologizing.  We live in the midwest, I guess it comes with the territory.

I like to imagine what happened to the person, to think that anyone should apologize for how they use coffee.  What kind of coffee snobs have they run into?  Who did this to you?  We, certainly, hope we never make you feel this way.  We understand the Keurig.  It’s fast and convenient!  We don’t like all the plastic waste, but there are ways to skip that.  I’ve never tried our coffee in a Keurig machine, so I couldn’t really tell you how it does, but we’d love to hear from you if you have!   Cream, sugar, syrup, whiskey, or whatever, we think it will just improve your experience with our coffee.  And we don’t really mind if you don’t like coffee, and we are happy that you like the aroma (Please do not call the Fire Department on us again).

We want our coffee to fit into your lifestyle, and make it and us, work for you.  We are here and we love to chat, so stop over and see what it can do.  We believe that the coffee ritual, each morning, or whichever morning, is important, and can center and focus your day.  It can be changed!  But, it doesn’t have to.

Please do not call the fire department on us.

3 thoughts on “Your Coffee

  1. “Damn Good Morning” with cream, brewed in a Keurig with a reusable k-cup. No apologies here. Too busy enjoying my little taste of heaven!

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