A Short Story


So here is something weird.  John Joseph Coffee has two google maps locations.  Right on top of each other, one that I can monitor and edit, and one, I think, a relic of our hobbyist past.  When we opened in April we created a Google business account, as one has to do in this day and age, and we must have already had one.  I vaguely remember setting up an account, for my parents garage, but looking back, well, it was a nice garage.  Anyway, after we opened up, I started getting phone calls from Google, (If you don’t have a business, you don’t know this, but Google likes to call it’s listings, to verify information.  Sometimes its a call center, other times, creepily, it’s a bot, pretending to be a person, asking things like “What are your hours on Saturday?”, and boom, your information is updated on Google) to verify my information.  I thought it was for my new account, and started to get annoyed at the frequency of them, thinking that I had just created my page, it is definitely current and accurate.  Well, it seems as though they were calling about my old page.  My parent’s garage.  They took the details we had talked about, and changed them on the old page, and planted it right on top of my new one.  On Tuesday, I found it.  Which is when I got to read my first BAD review.


Very disappointed. I drove 45 minutes out of my way because I’d heard rave reviews and wanted to purchase multiple bags of whole beans. Arrived at 2:45pm on Friday afternoon ( hours online and hours posted at the shop stated they were open until 3pm) the place was completely closed. Very unfortunate that I attempted to spend my money in a local community, but apparently this place doesn’t need the money or look to serve the community.


Ugh.  I get it.  Totally disappointing.  I pick up my kids at 3, I must have left early on a delivery.  The moment I read it, I updated my hours online to 2:45.  It stinks when you try to do something new, out of your routine, and are disappointed.  I am also disappointed.  The person that is willing to drive and try something new is the person I am excited to serve. I’m also really disappointed that she made the review in the account that I don’t control and can’t respond.  Really, I would just apologize, but that last sentence, that is pretty brutal.  We probably don’t need the money.  But boy, the community thing is a bit tough.  Applying intent, is really something all of us need to work on, there really aren’t too many people out there purposely causing injury, having empathy for those that do us wrong is hard, but ultimately, right.  Things happen.  I’m sorry you weren’t able to buy coffee on that day, but to say that I don’t serve my community seems a bit heavy for that 2:45 moment in time.  Again, Sorry to have disappointed.

Which brings us to my point for writing today…

Regular Joe!  Our somewhat dormant Subscription Plan!  We have some great Regular Joe’s, but we haven’t pushed it or advertised it much since we opened.  We spent the summer learning about our customers, and our customers, want more options!  So here they are!

Regular Joe is now a part of this website!

If you are interested in super fresh, organically grown, fair trade, local coffee showing up at your door, at predetermined times, this is the link for you.  You send us your preferences, we send you an email verifying and setting up payment, and bam.  No more coffee aisle for you.  You can still stop in and play some pinball and visit, but you’re coffee beans are taken care of.  And for locals, the cost is the same, in-store or delivered, for 2018,  it’s $12.

  • If you pay for 6 months or more in advance, you get another 5% off.
  • If you go month to month, you’ll get a bill in your email each month, which you can pay online.
  • Anytime you want to stop, just stop paying.
  • Stop in, call, or email us with any questions.

-We are adding a later closing day!  Every Tuesday we will be open until 5:30!  We hope this gives a little more opportunity to those who can’t swing by before 3.  Or 2:45.


I’m currently working on getting our “Bonus” Google listing deleted, and quite possibly our bad review with it.  More bad reviews will probably come (I’m a little disappointed that the first one came from simply, not being here, I was hoping it would have been someone not liking the music, or if Howard Schultz came in and said my coffee wasn’t burnt enough).  We will be ready to learn from them.  Thanks for reading!

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