Another Announcement from a Business that You Hadn’t Thought About Today

I think Next Year will be the year of no instructions.  All year, I’m not telling anyone how to do anything.  Except the Kids, that’s way too fun to skip out on, but customers, coffee people, my people, I’m just going to let them do anything they want.  You want to hang out all day?  Sure.  Is that a flask in your bag?  Go for it.  You think you’re going to break my Pinball score?  Good Luck.  I’ll get it back, but fine.  

We truly hope you have found us helpful through all this.  We hope you know that we feel bad, that you can’t just stroll in on a Tuesday and pick up a bag or two.  And we hope that soon, you will be able to do just that.  

Just not quite yet.

We will continue to be Open online ( , via email (, phone (608.469.8786),  and messenger (facebook, instagram, text).  But the store is closed.  We gave it a good try, but ultimately, couldn’t make it work for us in a way that felt right.  

We will still do curbside pick up on Saturday mornings, but the tasting room and all drink sales are closed.  

John Joseph Coffee, like most small businesses, is operating without a safety net.  If John gets sick, we are done for weeks, if not months.  That, is why many businesses are requiring masks.  We didn’t, and don’t want to, but because of that, we can’t be open to the public.  

Please contact us, anytime, with any questions. 

You can still find us at Wyttenbach’s!  Our Bourbon Barrel Colombia is at Wollershiem Distillery!  Bibliophile is at Prairie du Sac’s Ruth Culver Library!  And in August, it will be at Sauk City’s brand new George Culver Library!  And finally, in other, amazing news, the Carden family, of Sauk Prairie have opened a coffee shop in the Dells!  Bean Brew!  It opened two weeks ago, and we are so proud to work with them.  Please support them as they launch! 

 Our tasting room is just the smallest part of what we are and what we want to be.  We are Sauk Prairie, we want to take it everywhere we go, and it to be in every cup that is out there. Thank you for all your support, we really couldn’t do any of this without you.

We miss you, more than we can really go into here, and can’t wait to come out the other side, with more grace, appreciation, and outward expression of the joy we have in our everyday lives.  Take care of yourself and everyone around you.

Anyway,  here’s Two dollars, use the code “Dam!”, in the coupon code box at checkout.

2 thoughts on “Another Announcement from a Business that You Hadn’t Thought About Today

  1. We miss you and appreciate you so much!!! Thanks for all you do and we’ll get through this together!!

  2. Missing the warmth (of the coffee and the people). Most important is for everyone to stay safe and well. Hope to see you all soon! Take care

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