Next Week

My brother Jim was a projectile vomiter.  My brother Mike refused to eat anything, seemingly, ever. Matt borrowed things, mostly permanently.  And Jeff, was exceptionally expensive, because they gave him everything he ever asked for.

My parents have given us everything.  From a love of reading, to a place to host our cool hobby business, they have given.

Five sons, countless students, thousands of hours given to others, eight grandchildren, a coffee roaster, and if you count by years, 40.

Next week, we will be closed (June 10th – 17th) to celebrate them.  They deserve a party, so we are throwing a big one.

We won’t be at the Sauk Prairie Farmers Market this week (the shop will be open Saturday morning)  or next, but we will have a stand at the Hwy 12/ June Tunes market next week.   It will be the only time we will be available next week.  Our coffee is, as always, available in Prairie du Sac at Wyttenbach’s Meats and The River Arts Gallery, and in Baraboo at A Vintage Co-Op.

So please, excuse our silence next week, and kindly, do not forget about us.

Matt was a bed wetter, they deserve a celebration.

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