Fire on the River!

July 7th is going to be a fun day.  Our second annual Lemonade and Cold Brew Coffee Stand is ready to serve!  In conjunction with local citrus powerhouse Lachmund Lemonade, we hope to make lots of money to donate to 6:8 and all of the good works that they help coordinate!

Lachmund Lemonade is a glorious creation of Dan Kelter, proud new owner and rehabilitator of the the Lachmund House, in downtown Sauk City.  He saw the opportunity to give back and give his kids a chance to run the lemonade stand of every child’s dreams.  We helped with the stand last year and were overwhelmed by the support and joy that we saw, celebrating our great country.  They let the kids handle as much as they can, but, it’s really all about family and fun, so play breaks are often.

It feels like, maybe, there have been lemonade stands out front of that old house before.  Kids handing out cups to weary travelers, or workers coming off the river.  We love that we get to be a small part of that history.  Celebrating, while harkening back to summer’s that seemed to last forever, forgetting all of the day to day noise that fills our lives, and trying to make a vibrant, bright memory of childhood, that we all seem to have.

We, John Joseph Coffee, wish you a great 4th.  Hopefully we will see you at the Sauk Prairie Farmers Market, our shop, or (and mostly) at Fire on the River and Lachmund Lemonade!

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