Speed of Summer

What a wonderful weekend!  So many thanks, and just a general sense of, thankfulness, we really hope that everyone had as much fun and family and friends as we did.  Dan Kelter and the Lachmund House, thanks for hosting and organizing (Dan’s day job, Apple Computers, plans on double matching our donation to 6:8, making every cup purchased, worth 3).    It is becoming our favorite summer tradition, and just a wonderful way to live a July Saturday.  Serving, helping, sharing, and community are ideas and passions of ours, and helping our kids find them for themselves is exactly how we wish to spend our days.

With summer nearly half over, we thought we would just update you on what we are up to, before the whole summer is gone.  It is easy to be overwhelmed by the passage of time, so writing this down might be mostly for me.

-This weekend is the Sauk Prairie Theatre Guild’s production of Into the Woods!  Check it out!  So many of our friends have worked so hard on it, and we are so proud already.

Coloring and Coffee at the River Arts Gallery on the 21st!

The Beans and Beams tour, by the Sauk Prairie Historical Society is a great opportunity to see us and The Lachmund House.   And more, you can let Dan Kelter know exactly how much of a better tour guide and public speaker John Joseph is.  July 22!


-Starting July 27th we will have some limited edition  Awakened blend available in store, to celebrate the new album “Dawn and What Comes After”  by The Mascot Theory!

-Oh, and some great news! July 31st will be the rescheduled Hwy 12 Market!  With Swifkick!  We will have lots of Iced Coffee, because I get warm.

July will go fast, make it count.

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